i love holding hands with cute boys


Me: :)
Video games: $$$
Me: :(
It's not even about their what songs they like or not. It's just the fact that they consider a few weeks a long time xXD

hahahah xD

Someone said that they've been listening to Eminem for a few weeks and they listened to one of his songs, I forgot the name, but it was about girls and sex. And they said they didn't appreciate that song because they've been listening to his real songs for too long -_- A FEW WEEKS

awh man :s that sucks, a few weeks isnt that long xD

but i guess everyone has their own opinion on his songs, i mean he really does have a variety on songs in my opinion, and of course, most people only like his popular songs bc they think the other ones are too inapropriate and shit


when you accidently read a spoiler



when people have really nice clear faces i want punch myself 


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